Hanson Hand Weaving Studio

. . .a fiber arts studio in Fortville

Need a quick weight for a broken warp?

For decades we used snap-cap plastic film cans, but they are now a days hard to find. So, grab a sandwich or snack-size plastic zip lock bag, a small paper clip, and a handful of coins. Insert the coins in the bag and your rolled up new warp (after tying the new warp to the broken end). Zip the bag shut to hold in the coins. Attach the paper clip exactly where the warp end pokes out of the bag. Pull out additional warp as needed and replace the paper clip.

Tired of measuring to find the center of the reed when in the batten?

If you own the loom, paint a mark at the exact center on the shuttle race. Or burn a long mark with a wood burning tool, and perhaps short marks at each inch on both sides of center. My husband marked his loom years ago with a wood burner. Each five-inch mark was a medium length, the center was the longest, and the inch marks were very short.

Want to prevent sore thighs and shoulders?

Chances are, your seat is too low for the loom. This strain will not only be uncomfortable, but may lessen the amount of time you are willing to weave in a sitting. If your seat is not adjustable, try other furniture in the house, or pad the seat with a firm cushion or thick book. Now, if you are slouching or the seat edge is cutting into the underside of your thighs, chances are your seat is too high. Again, try other furniture if your seat is not adjustable. Or purchase a different weaving bench.